Now you don't have to outsource your clinic's social media shares or call center operations to any other agency. With MonoChat's integrations in Health Tourism, you can manage all issues related to your patients under one roof.

Why MonoChat?


Easily see which customer needs service or which customer representative is dealing with which customer at that moment.

Create an Inbox to be shared on WhatsApp and allow multiple representatives to access it to provide support to your customers.

Allow customer representatives to see all past conversations with the customer using the dashboard.


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    Call Center

    Provide faster responses to your customers reaching you from any social media application or chat channel with chatbots and live customer representatives. Create quick answers for frequently asked questions and save time.
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    Appointment System

    Easily create and manage appointments for your patients with the unique Calendar module offered by MonoChat.
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    Manage Flow

    Create special flows and comprehensive packages, especially for your patients coming from abroad. Share special packages including flight tickets, operations, and accommodation via messaging applications with your customers, make reservations, and get payments.
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    Integrate Patient Profiles

    Create special profiles for all your customers who have received service or information from you before and save customer information in the relevant profile. Allow your customer representative to access the past chat information of your patient for all future communication. This way, make your patients feel valuable.
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    Information Files

    Easily share all the information, videos, or documents related to the upcoming operation with your patient via WhatsApp and similar applications.
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    Reminder Messages

    Send special reminder messages regarding your patient's appointment and manage all notifications from a single channel.
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    Post-Operation Support

    Send automatic messages on certain days to show that you are interested in your patient even after the operation. Get feedback on how the operation went and the recovery process. Make suggestions according to the patient's condition.
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    Multichannel Application

    With MonoChat's Omnichannel application, manage questions and comments from all social media platforms in one place. With this application, get rid of sharing your clinic's social media accounts with another agency.
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    Custom Tags

    Create special tags for your patient's questions and support requests and easily identify and resolve the problem through these tags.
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    Reporting Panel

    Turn the information collected from all platforms into reports that will improve your business on your dashboard. Examine in detail the total number of reservations, the total number of patients, the countries or cities your patients mostly prefer, and the total number of messages received from all platforms.